anito.NET is a provider driven, open source Object Relational Mapping framework for .NET.   

"Anito" is a Filipino word which means ancient spirits. see

anito.NET is written in C# but still under development, currently schema mapping with anito.NET can be done in two ways; XML-Based mapping and Attribute-based mapping.

Queries with anito.NET can be done using LINQ expressions.

Supported Providers

  • MS-SQL - Anito.Data.SqlClient
  • MySQL - Anito.Data.MySqlClient
  • SQLite - Anito.Data.SqliteClient
  • MongoDB - Anito.Data.MongoDBClient (development started)

Download anito.NET

Alpha Version - Demo included (July 7, 2011)

Other versions go to the Downloads Page

Estimated Cost

anito.NET estimated cost as of July 26, 2011

As of July 26, 2011 Reference

Support the Community


anito.NET needs all the help it can get. Any contributions, code, documentation, comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.  Send in your request to


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  • GIT
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